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No matter how slick the demo is in rehearsal, when you do it in front of a live audience, the probability of a flawless presentation is inversely proportional to the number of people watching, raised to the power of the amount of money involved.

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Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. ..

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Andrew Willis living Rue Laure-Diebold No: 5458 Villeurbanne France

Whoe'er would have the sins forgiven,
Whereby he has offended heaven,
He must with diligence pursue
Those useful Precepts, that ensue.

Thou, first of all, must humbly own
Thy sins, before th' Almighty's throne;
Nought from thy God shou'd be conceal'd:
Since all things are to Him unveil'd!

And then endeavour to observe,
What punishment thou dost deserve -
Eternal death! - it is no less;
Because thou dost God's laws transgress.

For surely thou canst not but know
Thy vices merit endless woe;
Then meekly beg, for Jesus' sake,
That he wou'd mercy on thee take -

And know that nothing can atone
For sin, before the Godhead's throne,
Besides Christ's death, and precious blood,
And the obedience which he show'd -

That Jesus, (thou must too believe!)
For sin did a full ransom give,
When on the cross He bore disgrace,
For all the sins of all our race -

And know too, that the God of heaven
Accepts the satisfaction given,
And for Christ's sake, does still remit
Those sins the faithful may commit -

Believe too, that He'll pardon thee
Thy errors and iniquity,
If thou, with contrite heart shalt make
Thy suit to God for Jesus' sake.

Conceal not then the sins, but own,
To which thou'rt principally prone;
For 'tis a folly to deny
What's plain to God's all-seeing eye.

Freely condemn thyself, before
The Deity's tremendous pow'r!
Lest thou shou'dst on the day of doom,
To open shame and censure come.

Bewail each vile, and hateful sin,
As soon as thou the same hast seen -
And strive against it, night and day,
'Till thou hast cast it quite away.

Make thou thy heart profoundly sigh,
Make briny tears stream from each eye,
Make thy sad spirit inly mourn,
And from its vicious habits turn.

Then beg of God, that he'd impart
To thee a soft and tender heart,
And often grieve, when thou'rt alone,
For all the crimes, that thou hast done.

Ne'er cease to pray, and never rest,
'Till God has granted thy request -
Namely - a heart, that can relent,
Can grieve for sin, and can repent -

And when thou a good while hast griev'd
For the bad life, which thou hast liv'd,
The promises divine hold fast,
As long as e'er thy life shall last.

God promises to give relief,
And comfort those that are in grief,
And to forgive all, does consent,
Who from their very heart repent.

For all thy vicious courses grieve,
And in thy Saviour, Christ, believe,
Forsake them, whilst thou yet hast breath,
And thou shalt never suffer death.

For God has promis'd to provide
A Helper, Comforter, and Guide,
(In his own Son) to all that mourn,
And from their sins repentant turn.

His Word, besides, the Lord does give,
That he will all thy faults forgive,
And cleanse thee from thy deep-grain'd crimes;
If thou wilt but repent betimes.

And if a penitent thou'lt prove,
He'll grant to thee his grace and love -
Mild, gentle, merciful, he'll be,
And ever like at peace with thee.

He'll wash thee in the cleansing flood
Of his dear Son's most precious blood,
And scour away thy vices quite,
'Till he has made thee lily-white.

Hold fast (and he will thee applaud)
The sacred promises of God:
The heav'n and earth shall both decay,
E'er one of them shall pass away.

Then, as a snake, thy sins detest -
A snake, that rears its bloated crest,
And, hid some moss grown brake beneath,
Wou'd sting thee by surprize to death:

Approach not near the place, where sin
May by her wiles allure thee in -
Pass by with speed, her offers shun,
Nor headlong to temptation run.

If thou wilt step too near the ground,
Where basks the snake - thy heel 'twill wound -
Or if thou'lt come too near the fire,
'Twill burn, if thou wilt not retire.

Take therefore of thy self good heed,
Nor near temptation's purlieus tread;
'Tis better make a good retreat,
Than meet with shame, and a defeat.

Do not unto thy sins incline
Again, like dogs or filthy swine,
Which, though they lately were wash'd clean,
Return unto the nauseous scene.

Keep not bad company, whose lore
Will make thee sin still more and more:
It nought avails to God to pray,
'Till thou from such hast turn'd away:

But cleave unto the godly race,
And note their converse, full of grace:
For each good man's a ready guide
To lead thee, where the just reside.

Unto the Godhead humbly pray -
To turn thee from each wicked way,
And to direct thee, whilst thou'rt here,
Truly to love him, and to fear.

Let not the fiend thy reason blind,
Nor move again, to sin, thy mind;
But, through the Blood, which Jesus shed,
Beneath thy feet the tempter tread.

Consort not thou with drunkards vile,
Lest they thy morals shou'd defile,
As the salt water of the tide
Corrupts the rills, that to it glide.

Quit then immediately those friends,
Whose converse, to debauch thee, tends:
Shun them, and their bad ways detest,
As thou wou'dst pitch avoid, when drest.