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Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use regular expressions.” Now they have two problems.

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Elisa Mkup living Tevlingveien No: 9791 Berlevåg Norway

1. To begin with lift the poem carefully out of its paper.

2. Balance the poem in the palm of your hand.

3. Don't be afraid of the poem.

4. Run your fingers around the outside of the poem:

a. Is it rough or smooth?
b. Is it heavy or light?

5. Throw the poem up into the air. Does it float?

6. Put the poem into your mouth, either:

a. Squeeze a small amount onto your tongue like toothpaste
b. Enter the whole poem into your mouth like cake.

7. Remove the first word and the last word from the poem.
Shake vigorously. Each word should fall out of line.

8. Place the words into your mouth and roll them around. Suck.
Chew. Gargle. Hide the words in your cheeks. Spit them at people.

9. When you are finished put the words back where they belong.

10. Whisper the poem quietly to yourself.

11. Yell the poem out loud.

12. Recite the poem in broad daylight / in moonlight / with the lights on /
with the lights off / in the bathroom / in the garden / underneath a tree.

13. Recite the poem on fine days / on rainy days / on calm days /
on windy days / on an empty stomach / with your mouth full.

14. Put the poem on blocks and lie underneath it. Tinker with the timing.
Pack each word in grease. File off the engine numbers. Re-paint the poem.

15. Eat breakfast on the poem. Stain the poem with coffee.

16. Stand on the poem.

17. Water the poem.

18. Mix the poem in with the washing.

19. Carry the poem around in your pocket for a week.

20. Now the poem belongs to you.