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Linux is only free if your time has no value.

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  • Birthday08 August 1960
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  • Address Rue Dugas-Montbel No: 5897
  • CityColombes
  • CountryFrance

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Javad Z living Rue Dugas-Montbel No: 5897 Colombes France

Pushed through the veil of society and fought through all the lies. Felt the pressure to conform to you...suffocating inside.
You silenced my voice, cared not for my rights, made me feel unworthy....kept me inside.
But you can't take my soul, I won't give you my life...push all you like but I will always fight.
You spewed forth your words with such intense belief, cared not how it effected me....such a heart broken little kid. Uncomfortable feelings and cripplingly self doubt. Living in a prison, with no way out.
Scared to lift my head or make my presence known, for the fear of upsetting you is better left alone. So safe inside myself I'll stay, away from everyone. Reflect and meditate on what I have become.
But you can't take my soul, I won't give you my life...Push all you like but I will always fight.
Shape and mould me to project the perfect life, use your words to cut through me like a knife. Your hurt you carry was never mine to wear, still I'm covered by the blanket you placed upon me unaware.
No more excuses for I'm no longer that child, will no longer carry your bruises, I'm stepping off this ride. I make all my own decision's now, for I'm the one who chooses. Taking back my power stepping through illusions.
Found forgiveness to be healing, with each layer I've been peeling. While underneath your perception of me, I became strong enough to break free. No longer so broken, impressionable and quiet spoken, all that replaced with a balancing of emotion.
So forgive you I do for who am I to judge, I won't loose any more power to you by holding a grudge.You may have took my child hood I won't give you my life, for this is my journey and this is my right.
But you can't tale my soul, I won't give you my life...Push all you like but I will always fight.